Scholarship Program

Bali Keto



Sunday, October 4 to Sunday, October 11, 2020
Venue: Mercure Resort, Sanur Bali, Indonesia

Registrations for the ‘Healthy You’ Training Program are open now.  Apply for a scholarship and become part funded for this program!

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The Bali Keto Scholarship

  1. Can you deliver value to a sponsor?
  2. Are you media savvy
  3. Can you deliver on a promise?
  4. Are you caring towards others?

What Will I Learn?

  1. Why the fastest and easiest way for a person to radically improve their health is to achieve ketosis.  
  2. How to use low carb, ketosis and fasting to maximise weight loss.
  3. How the science behind low carb eating/Keto/fasting is associated with reduced insulin production and reduced cancer risk.  
  4. Low Carb cooking skills that will amaze your family and friends. 
  5. How to achieve better sleep by using the latest science. 
  6. How to turn regular exercise into a habit you will come to love.  
  7. Meditation, massage and organisational skills that will enable you to better manage stress. 

So, if you want to know how to feel full of energy and able to fit into your clothes of 20 years ago, this course is a great investment.  Amaze your doctor, family, and friends.

Bali “Island of the Gods” has a great climate with gracious and grateful local people.

Our Experts

Popovic Dr Helena web 2018

Dr Helena Popovic
Medical Doctor and Author of NeuroSlimming

Dr Helena Popovic is a medical doctor, leading authority on behaviour change, best-selling author, international speaker and media commentator.

She educates rather than medicates and her passion is empowering people to live longer, stronger, healthier and happier. She is the author of "NeuroSlimming: Let Your Brain Change Your Body".


Dr. John Orrock Stewart
Wellness Coach

Dr. John Stewart discovered in 2012 he was pre-diabetic despite taking plenty of exercise. He transitioned into Ketosis and completely reversed his pre Diabetes. He is an advocate of intermittent fasting and finds his periods in ketosis bring him improved mental clarity. He has spent thousands of hours looking at the latest nutrition research and interacting with scientists and healthcare workers. He is an accomplished public speaker. He is currently writing a book. John is trained in the sciences of biochemistry, microbiology and pathology as a result of his 5 year veterinary degree.


Peter Symons
Author of Brain-Fuel Depletion.A model to explain anxiety and depression

Dr Peter Symons diagnosed with severe depression developed the Brain-Fuel depletion model with medical doctor Dr Clyde Jumeaux. Together they then wrote the book "Brain-Fuel Depletion", a model to explain anxiety and depression.During this 5 year writing journey he developed expertise in the role of not only stress management but also sleep and exercise in the management of depression. Peter is trained in the biological sciences as a result of his 5 year veterinary degree from Melbourne University

A Life Changing Event

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