Bali Low Carb Retreat

Re Scheduled for June, 2021(Coronavirus)

A 7-Day Event in Mercure Resort, Sanur Bali Indonesia

Early bird bookings for the ‘Healthy You’ Training Program are open now.  Save up to $2,000 by booking Super Early Bird by June 1st.

Let’s chat to see whether this represents value for you.  Call Dr John Stewart of “The Nutrition Science Group” on . Aus 0425 310 625 or
Intl. +61 425 310 625

Is this you?

  • Interested in healthy eating, low carb and ketosis but don’t know where to start and how to learn from the failure of others
  • In a mental fog for part of each day, operating at 40% less than your potential because you do not have the energy and mental clarity
  • Battling stubborn weight.  Tried every diet. Frustrated!
  • Someone who values the latest cutting edge scientific information from world experts to rapidly improve health (eg. pre-diabetes, diabetes, anxiety, depression, arthritic pain, etc.)
  • Not getting adequate quality sleep, tired of feeling exhausted and grumpy everyday?
  • Someone who recognises that if you spent more time being active each day you would be less stressed, more optimistic and healthier.
  • At risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia
  • Someone who wants to be able to play with their grandchildren when they’re 80 rather than feeling old and exhausted.
  • A sweet toothed chocaholic who can’t resist carb temptation
  • Experiencing high blood pressure
  • Frequently hungry even a couple of hours after you last ate?
  • Non responsive Osteoporosis
  • Non responsive anxiety or depression or schizophrenia
  • Having a rough time transitioning through menopause
  • A person who wants to ‘give back’ and help family, friends and others with your new knowledge

What Will I Learn?

  • Why the fastest and easiest way for a person to radically improve their health is to achieve ketosis.
  • How to avoid kidney disease and dialysis
  • How to use low carb, ketosis and fasting to “supercharge” weight loss.
  • How the science behind low carb eating/Keto/fasting is associated with reduced insulin production and reduced cancer risk.
  • Poly cystic ovarian syndrome reversal through diet
  • Low Carb cooking skills that will amaze your family and friends.
  • How Dr Rangan Chatterjee has revolutionised health in the UK with his “4 Pillars of Health” approach ( eating ,exercise, sleep and stress management)
  • How to achieve better sleep by using the latest science.
  • How to turn regular exercise into a habit you will come to love.
  • Meditation, massage and organisational skills that will enable you to better manage stress.
  • How to avoid osteoporosis and loss of muscle mass as you age
  • Why the carnivore diet is worth considering if you have auto immune disease ( eg Rheumatoid arthritis) or Anxiety and depression.
  • The science behind having youthful skin

The result is a retreat/workshop which is unlike anything else currently available. Why? Because everything you are going to learn comes from world class experts and is proven in practice.  This information is cutting edge research at work.

So, if you want to know how to feel full of energy and able to fit into your clothes of 20 years ago, this course is a great investment.  Amaze your doctor, family, and friends.

Bali “Island of the Gods” has a great climate with gracious and grateful local people.

Our Experts


Dr John Orrock Stewart
Wellness Coach

Dr. John Stewart discovered in 2012 he was pre-diabetic despite taking plenty of exercise. He transitioned into Ketosis and completely reversed his pre Diabetes. He is an advocate of intermittent fasting and finds his periods in ketosis bring him improved mental clarity. He has spent thousands of hours looking at the latest nutrition research and interacting with scientists and healthcare workers. He is an accomplished public speaker. He is currently writing a book. John is trained in the sciences of biochemistry, microbiology and pathology as a result of his 5 year veterinary degree.


Katherine Stewart
Wellness Coach

Katherine is a warrior for healthy eating, exercise and meditation. She is training to run her fourth half marathon this year. She is a registered occupational therapist. She finished dux of her class graduating with first class honours. She is a showjumping rider who as a teenager represented Australia at the World children’s showjumping championships in the USA. Two significant injuries happened while this young rider was looking like she might be a potential Olympian. This setback taught her to cope with disappointment and helped her develop the resilience she exhibits today. In addition to riding horses, she runs, skis, swims, plays tennis, table tennis and works out at the Gymnasium. She is also very interested in mental health practices like meditation. She is very good at enthusing those around her. Katherine “walks the talk” re her low carb high healthy fat eating. She is a great role model and admired by her friends for overcoming the setbacks she has faced.


Olaf Sorensen
Metabolic Performance, Founder

Olaf Sorensen runs Metabolic Performance from his home base in Glenelg, South Australia, 5045. He focuses on the benefits of eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, regular fasting, being in ketosis and combining it all with high-intensity exercise. His work with clients is the fruit of his years of long-distance running during which he learnt a valuable lesson which can be applied to everyday life: we gain an abundance of energy by improving our physical fitness. Olaf has been self experimenting with the carnivore diet since 2017.

Steven Hamley

Steven Hamley

Steven Hamley is a PhD candidate (doctor of philosophy) at Deakin University. He is nearing the end of this 4 year commitment. His research project is on the pathophysiology of insulin resistance (pathophysiology is the mechanism by which the disease develops) He has published 8 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to physiology, metabolism, and insulin resistance, as well as a meta-analysis on saturated fat and heart disease. He has been a presenter at conferences run in Australia and overseas. He is highly valued by The Nutrition Science Group advisory board as a consultant to the Nutrition Science Group. He is one of the “go to” persons when a colleague meets a perplexing issue. His peers regard him as a “rising star” on the Australian landscape as a clear thinker and scientist. (Think Ash Barty "rising star" in Australian tennis over the last couple of years).
For his honours thesis, his research group was the first to demonstrate that only 1 week of a simple diet switch completely reversed pre-diabetes in mice. Steven’s honours thesis received the highest mark in . the school of exercise and nutrition science,faculty of health ,earning him two student prizes and a PhD scholarship.


Peter Symons
Author of Brain-Fuel Depletion.A model to explain anxiety and depression

Dr Peter Symons diagnosed with severe depression developed the Brain-Fuel depletion model with medical doctor Dr Clyde Jumeaux. Together they then wrote the book "Brain-Fuel Depletion", a model to explain anxiety and depression.During this 5 year writing journey he developed expertise in the role of not only stress management but also sleep and exercise in the management of depression. Peter is trained in the biological sciences as a result of his 5 year veterinary degree from Melbourne University


Dr Glen Davies
Low Carb and Keto Doctor in General Practice.

He was the runner up New Zealand GP of the year in February 2020.He has done great work in the Taupo population assisting particularly the Maori community with reversing type 2 Diabetes and obesity . He teaches part time in the "PreKure" health coaching program.
20 years ago, aftergraduating from the Otago Medical School.( New Zealand) Glen spent 2.5 years working in a mission hospital in Papua New Guinea, then a year as a medical registrar before becoming a much appreciated GP doctor in Taupo. He is a Fellow of the Australasian society of Lifestyle Medicine. He has done ground breaking work using ketosis as a tool for not only Diabetes reversal but also Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Bali, "Island of the Gods"

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Are you fascinated by the science behind low carb eating, ketosis, and fasting. We are! We also recognise the importance of the other 3 pillars of health ie sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Why come?  You will feel amazing once you have experienced the benefits of low carb eating, ketosis, and fasting.  You will also learn how to make this a way of life rather than just a diet.
Who will present?  Australian and International experts in the field of nutrition, medicine, exercise, sleep and stress management
Where? Mercure Resort Sanur Bali, Indonesia
When?  June 2020
How Long?  7 days
How much does it cost?  To save $2,000 Super Early Bird Special before 1st of June – Silver $3,495 (AUD), Gold $3,995 (AUD) Platinum $4,995 (AUD).

Lots of fun activities! e.g. walks on the beach, shopping, snorkeling, table tennis, eating out, and making new friends!

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What's The Investment?

This represents a path to  better health for the rest of your life eg. 5 years of extra life and an extra 10 years of great health

The investment  for the Super Early Bird Program starts at Silver $3,495 AUD or Gold $3,995 AUD or Platinum Program $4,995 AUD or six (6) monthly payments of $640 AUD (Silver) or $750 AUD (Gold) or $915 AUD (Platinum).

Early Bird  Silver $4,495 AUD or Gold $4,995 AUD or Platinum Program $5,995 AUD

Regular rate: Silver $5,495 AUD or Gold $5,995 AUD or Platinum Program $6,995 AUD.

Pricing Plans




Super Early BirdBook before June 1, 2020
$3,495 One-Time Payment
$3,995 One-Time Payment
$4,995 One-Time Payment
Early BirdBook before July 1, 2020
$4,495 One-Time Payment
$4,995 One-Time Payment
$5,995 One-Time Payment
Regular RateBook starting July 1, 2020 onwards
$5,495 One-Time Payment
$5,995 One-Time Payment
$6,995 One-Time Payment
Installment Options1st Installment starts May 1, 2020
$640 per month for 6 mos
$750 per month for 6 mos
$915 per month for 6 mos

Program Inclusions

A 6 week pre Bali tuition program and certificate of completion.
Pre-arrival Questionnaire & Doctor Health Assessment
7 days of intensive tuition in Bali at the luxury Mercure Resort Sanur
Outdoor and sporting activities of your choice (eg. Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Beach Activities, Morning Walks)
Life Smart blood glucose and ketone measuring device
Certificate of Attendance​
A coronary calcium score (CT scan of heart to asses heart attack risk)
12 coaching calls, once a fortnight for 6 months, following the Bali Low Carb Retreat
Blood test and cancer risk assessment at 3 months​
Risk of heart attack 3 month follow up
Plan to reduce risk of dementia using "Bredesden protocol"
Diabetes risk assessment
Genetic testing




Mercure Resort Sanur

What if I book and can’t attend?

If you let us know more than 45 days out from the event, you will be refunded in full minus a $200 AUD administration fee.  Anytime between 45 and 30 days out, there will be a 50% refund but if it’s within 30 days of the event,  and your place cannot be filled, there will be no refund.

Get 20% Discount for second person booking (eg. spouse or friend)

We have 2 sponsors interested in helping the right person get to the Bali Low Carb Retreat.

  • Can you deliver value to a sponsor?
  • Are you media savvy?
  • Can you deliver on a promise? 
  • Are you caring towards others?

Call Dr John Stewart 0425310625 

A Life Changing Event

Prices based on twin share accommodation.

Bring a spouse or a friend and get a 20% discount for the second person (eg. Silver by 1st June $2,796 AUD). Single accommodation supplement $500. We may be able to pair you up with another registrant to avoid the $500 single supplement.

Register your interest for the Bali Low Carb Retreat to get updates.



More Information

Phone: 0425 310625 or Email:

Deposit into bank account preferred: BSB 013757 

Account number 479352007 ANZ Pakenham, Victoria. (Credit card also possible).
Please use surname as reference.