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There are 2 major factors in weight loss

1. Decreasing your calorie intake

2. Reducing your insulin

Sugar and starch (carbohydrates) stimulate insulin release. Insulin turns on the “fat production factory” in your body.  We have an epidemic of Type II Diabetes and that is just the tip of the “Health problem iceberg”


Why have we got this problem?

Just as smoking was considered acceptable in the 1960s, despite the fact that scientists knew that it was causing cancer, we need to make people aware of the importance of insulin and health problems associated with obesity. Reducing carbs and therefore reducing insulin output is the secret.

Why change?

If you have developed tiredness, brain fog, and you are becoming more and more overweight, it is time to take control of your life. Modern medical advances are allowing us to live longer but we have to make sure that the last 10 to 20 years of our lives are healthy, not with alzheimers, diabetes, cancer and heart disease languishing in an aged care facility.

Discover the delicious alternatives to the "4 white poisons" Bread, Rice,Pasta and Potato to reduce your insulin output: Elevated insulin levels are the "root" cause behind most problems as we age.

What problems are responsive to Low-Carb eating?

Low Carb often helps



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The Nutrition Science Group

We are a “not for profit” group of passionate individuals involved in the health sciences living a healthy lifestyle ourselves. Our passion is spreading the word about low sugar, low glycemic index, high healthy fat eating in line with the now irrefutable scientific evidence showing that this approach helps the majority of people, especially if they are interested in losing weight, and dealing with type 2 diabetes either in a sub clinical or clinical form.  It is important to establish a “good” population of gut bacteria, principally through supplying vegetable fibre and/or collagen in the diet. We have a diverse range of training in the sciences (medical doctors, nutritionists, biochemists, occupational therapists, behaviour change specialists and veterinary surgeons)

The Science of Weight Loss

If you’re searching for how to achieve a healthy lifestyle but you are not sure how you’re going to do it, our education and coaching programs will help you! The first 15 minutes while we explore what you are trying to achieve is free. We have a panel of speakers who can deliver an entertaining and informative talk at your next gathering.

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