Secrets to Looking Great!

Xmas Low Carb


Sunday, December 8 2019

9.30AM - Registration
10.00AM - 5.30PM (Lunch provided)

Waterman Centre

Level 2/66 Victor Cres Narre Warren VIC 3805​

For enquiries, call The Nutrition Science Group
AUS 0425 310 625


$ 99 1-Day Event
  • Free Low Carb Lunch
  • Free Course Notes
  • Free Cobram Estate EVOO

What do I eat at Christmas?

Secrets to resisting carb temptations. What Alcohol can I drink? New low calorie sugar alternatives. Low carb shopping on a budget. Secrets to creating a delicious keto meal.

What's New? The latest research to wellness

Keto is not a fad diet - evidence from 150,000 people days on Keto.

Why Keto?

Anti-aging, weight loss, mental clarity, and jumping out of your skin energy

Eggs - you can eat as many as you like!

Eggs - New evidence for the best extra virgin olive oil. Salt - no restriction required for 97% of the population.

Weight Loss

Reducing sugar and starch intake is the secret! New evidence on how not to get cancer! Better sleep secrets, fasting, saunas.

Cooking Demonstration

Low carb/keto - you can really do this! It’s not hard if you know how - avoid the traps. No one should experience Keto Flu.

Why rapid weight loss is actually good for you!

Turning on “Autophagy”. (“Spring cleaning” your body to repair damaged cells and cancerous cells.) Different types of fasting.

The best doctors know about low carb, Keto, and fasting. Is yours up to date?

Event Speaker


Dr. John Orrock Stewart
Wellness Coach

Dr. John Stewart discovered in 2012 he was pre-diabetic despite taking plenty of exercise. He transitioned into Ketosis and completely reversed his pre Diabetes. He is an advocate of intermittent fasting and finds his periods in ketosis bring him improved mental clarity. He has spent thousands of hours looking at the latest nutrition research and interacting with scientists and healthcare workers. He is an accomplished public speaker. He is currently writing a book. John is trained in the sciences of biochemistry, microbiology and pathology as a result of his 5 year veterinary degree.


Olaf Sorensen
Metabolic Performance, Founder

Olaf Sorensen runs Metabolic Performance from his home base in Glenelg, South Australia, 5045. He focuses on the benefits of eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, regular fasting, being in ketosis and combining it all with high-intensity exercise. His work with clients is the fruit of his years of long-distance running during which he learnt a valuable lesson which can be applied to everyday life: we gain an abundance of energy by improving our physical fitness. Olaf has been self experimenting with the carnivore diet since 2017.

Olaf can be contacted for personal training and speaking engagements using the contacts below or through The Nutrition Science Group , 0425310625 or his websites,, email and phone 0426809401.

Steven Hamley

Steven Hamley

Steven Hamley is a PhD candidate (doctor of philosophy) at Deakin University. He is nearing the end of this 4 year commitment. His research project is on the pathophysiology of insulin resistance (pathophysiology is the mechanism by which the disease develops) He has published 8 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals on topics related to physiology, metabolism, and insulin resistance, as well as a meta-analysis on saturated fat and heart disease. He has been a presenter at conferences run in Australia and overseas. He is highly valued by The Nutrition Science Group advisory board as a consultant to the Nutrition Science Group. He is one of the “go to” persons when a colleague meets a perplexing issue. His peers regard him as a “rising star” on the Australian landscape as a clear thinker and scientist. (Think Ash Barty "rising star" in Australian tennis over the last couple of years).

For his honours thesis, his research group was the first to demonstrate that only 1 week of a simple diet switch completely reversed pre-diabetes in mice. Steven’s honours thesis received the highest mark in . the school of exercise and nutrition science,faculty of health ,earning him two student prizes and a PhD scholarship.

For speaking engagements and consulting Steven can be contacted directly or through The Nutrition Science Group, 0425310625 or